September 2015

Recent blogs have focused on the cost of healthcare. This graph has much to say. As has been pointed out to me, this is a graph of percentage points, not numbers. If the initial number of administrators is low and the growth in physician numbers is low (we know a physician shortage is in the forecast) the graph is not quite so ominous. Furthermore, NPO and NMHN were not around in 1970.  As a result, our staff and our Board of Directors was not a reality. Medicine has changed much over the years and will continue to change. As a physician in training, the business of medicine was not taught. That needed void has been filled by many who are non physicians. These individuals are educated, gifted, great leaders and workers and the reason for posting this graph is not to take anything away from them as this portion of the business of medicine is needed. However, unlike the massive federal government, I believe we need to be LEAN and effective and not get big and bureaucratic. We need everyone involved in medicine AND I  believe we will be most effective with physician leadership and active engagement. For these reasons, I am very grateful for NPO and NMHN. We have active physicians and staff who fully believe in the notion of Doctors For Patients.

Thank you for reading,

Dr. Peter Sneed

President – Northern Michigan Health Network

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