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I am currently enrolled in a program developed by Guy Kezirian, MD and Northwestern University Kellog School of Management. Physician CEO 2016 is a four module 5 days each module program spread out over a year. The purpose is to enable Physicians to be more effective leaders and CEO’s in their practices, business, and community.
In our first Module, Tim Feddersen had a session on “Crisis: A Strategic Perspective” at PCEO last week.
One of the things he said was “Look at your Core Values – if they are challenged or put into question to key stakeholders, if you have an issue put into doubt, if it is urgent, IT IS A CRISIS.

A crisis is a situation where a decision is both urgent and important
Urgency implies speed is imperative and minimal time is available for information and analysis
Importance implies the accuracy is imperative and maximal time is warranted for information and analysis.

He talked about a Reputational Crisis and used the Tylenol crisis of J&J in the 80’s where some guy was putting cyanide in Tylenol bottles in Chicago and people were dying. It led to the safety bottles we now have. This was an urgent and important issue that put into question J&J’s organizational values and brand promise. The GREATEST threat comes from the voluntary action by stakeholders. The solution that J&J had was to reinforce their Core Values of putting the Health and Safety of their customers/patients first. They could have just pulled Tylenol off the shelf in Chicago but they pulled it off worldwide until they could repackage and assure safety. They demonstrated:

Expertise – demonstrated ability to solve the problem
Commitment – they wanted to solve the problem
Transparency – they shared the info customers needed to have to make an informed decision for themselves.
Empathy – they showed empathy which built trust

Identify the issue
Lead with speed
Listen actively
Think strategically
Act on core values
Communicate empathetically
Recover and Learn
Prevent and Prepare.
Physician CEO is a great learning experience. I encourage all physicians to consider attending. Grateful thanks to Guy Kezirian for his visionary leadership in creating this program and to Robert Grant for Alphaeon’s partnership in this program.


Dr. Peter Sneed
President, Northern Michigan Health Network
NPO Board Member

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