SGR Formula

This blog was to be related to the sources for the cost of healthcare in the United States. Do the costs come from physician fees, testing, pharmaceuticals, hospital stays, facility surgical fees, nursing homes, physical therapy or other related services? I will come back to that issue but I wanted to share some thoughts about […]

Moving from Fee for Service to Fee for Value

For most of our lifetimes, Healthcare in the United States has been paid for in a Fee For Service model.  Currently, Medicare pays the majority of money in a fee for service program. Fees are paid after visits are made, procedures and tests done, or medicine given. This past January, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human […]

Dr. Sneed’s Blog

Hello, This is the first of a regular blog on healthcare. My hope is that this will stimulate thought within you, conversation among your peers, and engagement as physicians. Over 30 years ago, a group of visionary physicians in Northern Michigan saw the importance of having a voice in healthcare and formed Northern Physicians Organization. The […]


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