ECW Clinical Documentation Guide

DIRECT TRUST- FOR eCW USERS – this document has step by step instructions for using Direct Trust and a FAQ for the eCW platform.

Please see links below for the eCW Clinical Documentation Guide.  You can find both the PDF format and Excel Spreadsheet of the entire guide.  We have also included the PDFs and Excel Spreadsheets of each individual measure.  If you have any questions, please contact Ed Worthington or Kelly Saxton.

eCW Clinical Documentation Guide

eCW Clinical Documentation Guide Spreadsheet

ADHD Follow-Up – Continuation Phase

ADHD Follow-Up – Continuation Phase Spreadsheet

ADHD Follow-Up – Initiation Phase

ADHD Follow-Up – Initiation Phase Spreadsheet

Adolescent Imms – HPV

Adolescent Imms – HPV Spreadsheet

Adolescent Imms – 1HPV

Adolescent Imms – 1HPV Spreadsheet

Adolescent Imms – 2HPV

Adolescent Imms – 2HPV Spreadsheet

Adolescent Imms – TDaP-Td

Adolescent Imms – TDaP-Td Spreadsheet

Adolescent Imms -Meningococcal

Adolescent Imms -Meningococcal Spreadsheet

Adolescent Well-Care Visits (ages 12-21)

Adolescent Well-Care Visits (ages 12-21) Spreadsheet

Adult Imms – Influenza

Adult Imms – Influenza Spreadsheet

Adult Imms – Pneumonia

Adult Imms – Pneumonia Spreadsheet

Antibiotics and Bronchitis

Antibiotics and Bronchitis Spreadsheet

Antibiotics and Pharyngitis

Antibiotics and Pharyngitis Spreadsheet

Antibiotics and URI

Antibiotics and URI Spreadsheet

ASCVD & Statin Therapy

ASCVD & Statin Therapy Spreadsheet

Asthma Med Management

Asthma Med Management Spreadsheet

Asthma Med Use

Asthma Med Use Spreadsheet


BMI Spreadsheet

Breast Cancer Screening

Breast Cancer Screening Spreadsheet

Cervical Cancer Screening

Cervical Cancer Screening Spreadsheet

Chlamydia Screening (ages 16-20 years)

Chlamydia Screening (ages 16-20 years) Spreadsheet

Chlamydia Screening (ages 21-24 years)

Chlamydia Screening (ages 21-24 years) Spreadsheet

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Colorectal Cancer Screening Spreadsheet

Controlling High Blood Pressure

Controlling High Blood Pressure Spreadsheet

COPD & Spirometry

COPD & Spirometry Spreadsheet

Depression Remission at 12 months

Depression Remission at 12 months Spreadsheet

Depression Screening and Follow-Up

Depression Screening and Follow-Up Spreadsheet

Fall Risk Assessment

Fall Risk Assessment Spreadsheet

HbA1c Control

HbA1c Control Spreadsheet

HbA1c Poor Control

HbA1c Poor Control Spreadsheet

HbA1c Screening

HbA1c Screening Spreadsheet

IVD and Aspirin Use

IVD and Aspirin Use Spreadsheet

Lead Screening in Children

Lead Screening in Children Spreadsheet

Med Rec Post-Discharge

Med Rec Post-Discharge Spreadsheet

Nephropathy Screening

Nephropathy Screening Spreadsheet

Pediatric HbA1c

Pediatric HbA1c Spreadsheet

Pediatric Imms – COMBO 2

Pediatric Imms – COMBO 2 Spreadsheet

Pediatric Imms – COMBO3

Pediatric Imms – COMBO3 Spreadsheet

Pediatric Imms – DTaP

Pediatric Imms – DTaP Spreadsheet

Pediatric Imms – Hep A

Pediatric Imms – Hep A Spreadsheet

Pediatric Imms – HepB

Pediatric Imms – HepB Spreadsheet

Pediatric Imms – HiB

Pediatric Imms – HiB Spreadsheet

Pediatric Imms – Influenza

Pediatric Imms – Influenza Spreadsheet

Pediatric Imms – IPV

Pediatric Imms – IPV Spreadsheet

Pediatric Imms – MMR

Pediatric Imms – MMR Spreadsheet

Pediatric Imms – PCV

Pediatric Imms – PCV Spreadsheet

Pediatric Imms – Rotavirus

Pediatric Imms – Rotavirus Spreadsheet

Pediatric Imms – VZV

Pediatric Imms – VZV Spreadsheet

Retinal Eye Exam

Retinal Eye Exam Spreadsheet

Tobacco Status – Assessment

Tobacco Status – Assessment Spreadsheet

Tobacco Status – Cessation Intervention

Tobacco Status – Cessation Intervention Spreadsheet

Weight Assessment & Counseling (ages 3-16 years)

Weight Assessment & Counseling (ages 3-16 years) Spreadsheet

Weight Assessment & Counseling (ages16-17years)

Weight Assessment & Counseling (ages 16-17years) Spreadsheet

Well-Care Visits in First 15 Months of Life

Well-Care Visits in First 15 Months of Life Spreadsheet

Well-Child (3-6 years)

Well-Child (3-6 years) Spreadsheet



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