Membership Benefits

As a member of Northern Physicians Organization, you will experience a variety of benefits, from individual support and educational opportunities to resources for your practice.

IT Resources:


  • The eCW eEHX Hub (the community registry) is owned by NPO


      • Longitudinal view record to connect physicians who share a common patient


      • Allows each provider to view the patients allergies, medications, immunizations and problem list


      • The community registry offers a dashboard of quality measure analytics


      • Each provider can see their own quality metrics


      • Identify gaps in care from what is documented in their own EMR


      • Physicians own their data and are knowledgeable where they compare to metrics and evidence


      • Provide data for the purpose of Population Health so providers can work toward improving clinical outcomes across Northern Michigan


  • NPO is a Qualified Organization HIE


      • It enables state-wide integration of both inpatient and outpatient data


    • ADT messaging and Med Reconciliation

        • NPO sends ADT to 75 practices and 4 Skilled Nursing Facilities


        • NPO is receiving data from 121 hospitals and 204 Skilled Nursing Facilities



Centralized Resources:


    • Coding Education along with Chart Review for documentation and coding


    • Case Management/Care Coordination


    • Pharmacists available to meet with patients who need assistance on medication review


    • PAAC – Practice Administrator/Management meetings in the Petoskey and Manistee areas


    • PAHCOM for practices in the Grand Traverse areas


    • Support Practices in PCMH-N designation and maintaining the designation


    • LEAN – Reviewing and redesigning work-flows for value add at each practice


  • Physician-led committees provide practices/providers the tools to support:

      • Choosing Wisely


      • Advance Care Planning


      • Protocol Development


Management Services Organization:




  • Billing (still in process)




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