Healthcare Taxes

The recent government shutdown had some implications for healthcare which may not have been noticed. There were three Obamacare taxes which were to go into effect immediately that have now been at least postponed. The medical device tax, the tax on premium (Cadillac) health plans and the health insurance tax (HIT) would likely have made […]

Fee for value

As the citizens of the United States wait for our political leaders to pass a new or different health care law, we also realize the possibility that things will remain as they are. Patients, businesses, hospitals, physicians, insurance companies and others are positioning themselves for whatever comes out of the health care deliberations. But is everyone positioning […]

Chasing Health

Health Care in the United States has been, and continues to be, front and center as a topic of discussion and debate. This topic is dissected at the kitchen table of our homes as well as the halls of congress both in Lansing and Washington, DC. As you may have heard me say, “health care […]

Physicians Partnering

  This week, on May 3rd, we had our inaugural Physician Engagement meeting. If you were not able to attend, these will be quarterly meetings for the physicians of NPO to gather, learn, build relationships and develop solutions to the changes in health care. We are fortunate in northern Michigan to have a physician community more […]

Telemedicine in the rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

Telemedicine in the rapidly changing healthcare landscape. As we have talked before, the Triple Aim of improved outcomes, improved patient experience and decreased cost is an essential part of the successful health care solution. We know that there is a physician shortage and especially in places around the country like northern Michigan, access to specialty […]

True Self Confidence

True Self Confidence Harry Kraemer is an executive partner with Madison Dearborn Partners, a private equity firm based in Chicago. He is also the former chairman and CEO of Baxter International Inc. a $9 billion global healthcare company. He is also a Clinical Professor of Management and Strategy at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management […]

Physician CEO

I am currently enrolled in a program developed by Guy Kezirian, MD and Northwestern University Kellog School of Management. Physician CEO 2016 is a four module 5 days each module program spread out over a year. The purpose is to enable Physicians to be more effective leaders and CEO’s in their practices, business, and community. […]

10 Fears holding us back

10 Fears holding us back. I am reading the University of Utah Health Sciences Report 2015. This is a two page spread on fear, followed by 5 questions moving us forward. 1. Are we rooted or stuck in TRADITION? 2. Can we loosen our grip without losing CONTROL? 3. TRANSPARENCY: Will it help or harm […]

September 2015

Recent blogs have focused on the cost of healthcare. This graph has much to say. As has been pointed out to me, this is a graph of percentage points, not numbers. If the initial number of administrators is low and the growth in physician numbers is low (we know a physician shortage is in the […]

SGR Appeal

As you are all aware, President Obama signed into law, the bill repealing the SGR. Much of organized medicine is applauding the repeal as well as defending the new payment system in its place. While there is a 0.5% rate hike each year through 2019, CMS Actuary Paul Spitalnic said on April 9 that these […]


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