Board & Committee Members, Administration



Nathan March, DO – Chairman   231.935.8930
Brad Evans, MD – Vice-Chairman   231.935.0340
J. Ben Hengy, DO   231.398.9536
Robert Kuhn, DO   231.935.0614
Lara Madigan, DO   231.935.8950
Peter Sneed, MD   231.947.6246
Melanie Manary MD 231.487.2460
J.P. Milliken, MD   231.935.0528
Joel Anhalt, DO  231.889.7030
Eric Smith MD  517.627.2181
Carl Anders MD  231.935.0600
David Best MD 231.922-8722

Medical Directors

Joel Anhalt, DO – Manistee
Melanie Manary, MD – Petoskey/Northern Area



Executive Director – Marie J. Hooper
Director of Operations – Kris Elliott, MS, CPHIMS
Director of Finance – Philip C. Lieffers MBA
Administrative Assistant – Bryanna Pataky
Senior Pharmacist – Stuart Rockafellow
Pharmacist – Rachel Hay
Manager of Quality – Rachael Smart MSN, MHA
Quality Analyst – Michelle Anderson PhD
IT Analyst – Kelly Saxton, BHSA
Operations Specialist – Sharon Kent
Financial Analyst – Ann Marie Densmore
PCMH Specialist – Grant Baetsen MBA



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