Overview, Mission, Vision

Novello Physicians Organization (NPO) is a physician-led group aligning doctors’ processes, communications, best practices and ideas. We strive to actively participate in the healthcare discussion and create innovative solutions for our region so that we may improve the overall health and wellness of our patients.



Healthcare leadership via an organization of successful, independent physicians.



To be the engine that drives successful, high quality, cost effective healthcare by putting physicians and partners in the driver seat to inspire wellness.


Core Values

  • Physician-led organization
  • Manage resources sustainably
  • Operate with integrity and transparency
  • Proactive community partner
  • Collaborate with community stakeholders


History & Purpose

In the mid 1980s, a group of Grand Traverse area physicians recognized the difficulties and disadvantages of participating in managed care in Northern Michigan. This recognition served as the impetus for creating Novello Physicians Organization. Founded by local physicians, NPO enhances the practice experience by providing support, information and education to ensure that all practices run smoothly and efficiently. NPO offers area practices of all sizes and specialties the benefits of belonging to a large group while still allowing for individual independence.

As one of the largest physicians organizations in Michigan, we understand the importance of keeping current with the ever-changing medical environment. Our innovative leadership integrates advanced information and technology with the timeless goals established during NPO’s inception:

  • To unite independent physicians in preservation of individual physicians practices.
  • Provide support to physicians so they can maintain the type and size of practice they want.
  • To do what is best for the physicians as a group of members of NPO.
  • To advocate for the health needs of the general population.
  • To optimize the physician position in the development of a health care system.
  • To attain an “equal seat” and recognition for physicians when working with hospitals, third party payers or other entities.
  • To be an advocate for physicians.
  • To provide resources to physicians in order to effectively manage their practices.
  • To promote a strong, positive perception of physicians united as NPO.
  • To be a political voice for physicians at the regional, state and national levels.


How We’re Keeping Physicians Independent 

NPO’s role continues to be that of supporting member physician practices in maintaining their PCMH-N designation status, continue to provide the necessary infrastructure via population management tools for continued success in Fee-For-Value models.


  • NPO is the majority shareholder in Northern Michigan Health Network (NMHN, dba NPO-CIN) a Michigan corporation that operates a clinically integrated network whose mission is to improve the health of Northern Michigan’s population, improve the experience of healthcare, reduce healthcare costs, and support the community of healthcare service providers.
  • NPO is a member with majority interest in NPO Leasing, LLC. NPO Leasing is to engage in the business of owning and leasing medical and related equipment.
  • NPO is the sole shareholder of NPO insurance Company, an 831 (b) captive domiciled in the State of Michigan. NPO insurance Company insures risk contracts for NPO and its sister companies.
  • NPO is the Sole Member of NPO Management Services. The purpose of NPO Management Services is supplying services to medical practices.

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