Meeting Highlights and Resources

5/25/2023 – Lori Boctor from BCBSM presentation


5/12/2023 – PCMH-Neighborhood Webinar

NPO Primary Care Specialist Agreement

Specialist Test Tracking flowchart

Specialist Referral Flow chart

Specialist Phone Triage Flowchart

4/6/2023 – Supplemental Audit Learnings Meeting


2/22/2023 – Disease process and helping patients, Health Focus PCMH Specialist, PH Clinical Edits, PaMPM Payments, PDCM Guideline Updates

1/19/2023 Quality Measure Guide, Colon Cancer Screening, ACP Videos, New VBR opportunity


11/1/2022 – Incentive Program Overview, Health Focus

9/20/2022 – Jill M. Young, Young Medical Consulting, CPC, CEDC, CIMC – CCM and PCM billing


6/23/2022 – Perinatal Support Alliance, Self-Care, PDCM, Health Focus

4/13/2022 – PGIP Quarterly Updates, Health Focus, Reminders

2/17/2022 – BCBSM Interpretive Guidelines, Takeaways from 2021 and Opportunities for 2022, Health Focus

11/2020 – In lieu of a PCMH User Group meeting, please find below the following resources: Health Focus Tips video (only 16 minutes long!!!) from Michelle Anderson of NPO and the 2021 Site Visit take-aways from Rachael Smart of NPO.

2021 Site Visit Key Takeaways


Stacey Hettiger, MSMS Senior Director, Medical and Regulatory Policy, presented to NPO PCP practices at a PCMH User Group meeting 10/21.  Her presentation is titled “COVID-19 Vaccination Policies for Health Care Employees”.

COVID-19 Vaccination Policies for Health Care Employees_102121

MSMS Legal Alert LA_Mandatory Vac



Shira Gabry-Kalikow, LMSW, MPH, Partner Success Manager, ACP Decisions will discuss the ACP Decision videos (content, workflow, best practices) which NPO offers at no cost to practices for patient use.  There are many videos available on this platform regarding diseases, advance care planning,  caregiver support, etc.  including some for pediatric patients.

NPO shares HealthFocus features/best practices.

6/24/2021 Practices discuss:
Chronic Care Management Services Vendor
Behavioral Health Collaborative Care Model  PCP Role Handout
Care Management program for patients newly diagnosed to Diabetes.

4/20/21 NPO was very pleased to present its new HealthFocus population health management system including a document prepared by NPO for your practice’s use, attached as HealthFocus Overview, which helps explain how some specific HealthFocus features can help support your practice’s PCMH and operational processes.

HealthFocus Overview – Final (2021-04)

2/24/21 The good work done over the past ten years by NPO practices leading to the next step in fee for value – Direct Contracting –  was discussed.

Highlights 2.24.21

2021.2.24PCMH User Group Meeting (presentation)

CMS Direct Contracting Model Primary Care Codes

1/21/21 The updated BCBSM PCMH capabilities were  discussed and Best Practices for many processes were shared.

Highlights 1.21.2021

NPO Commented Interpretive Guideline Updates 2020-2021

Interpretive Guideline Updates 2020-2021 (1)

Best Practices to Kick off 2021

Care Management. Remember Motivational Interviewing Flyer


10-21-2020 Slide deck: BCBSM’s presentation on improving patient experience:

Patient Convenience Expectations Presentation Participant Info

10-8-20 A link to the recording of the 6/17/2020 PCMH User Group featuring MSMS RE: COVID and also a HR presentation are now available with related handouts below:

Meeting Recording

Passcode: +KQG0&Z3

COVID FAQs_Schafer_092220

COVID-19 Presentation_KRW_092220

8-20-20 Dr. Debra Graetz from Brookside Family Medicine shared her practice’s very positive experience with the Business Wellness Exam, a service made available to your practices by NPO Management Services. (Details in highlights below.)

8-20-2020 Highlights

NPO Management Services Business Wellness Exam Flyer- free of charge to NPO practices

Business Wellness Exam – Data Access Request List

7-15-20 This month’s care manger meeting was also conducted virtually and featured information from Lori Boctor, BCBSM, Value Partnerships – Reimbursement Team and guest Christy Allison.

7-1-20 Highlights

PDCM FAQ_March_2020

Groups Not Participating in PDCM 3-2020

PDCM Commercial Billing Guidelines 2020

NPO presentation July 2020

NPO CM Education Requirements_3_18_2020

6/17/20 Meeting 6-17-2020 Highlights

BCBSM PDCM changes

Management of CM survey results

4/21/20 Meeting  4-21-20 Highlights.

1/23/20 Meeting 1-23-20 Highlights

PCMH IG Updates with NPO Comments

10/22/19 Meeting 10-22-19 Highlights

Traverse Health Clinic Presentation

Coach Document

9/26/19 Meeting 9-26-19 Highlights

Dr. Dave McGreaham Presentation

Questionnaire for Interested Practices

Dr. Dave McGreaham Contact Info

8/21/19 Meeting 8-21-19 Highlights

Legalization of Marijuana in Michigan

NPO Site Visit Learnings

6/18/19 Meeting 6-18-19 Highlights

NPO ER Presentation

Thirlby TOC template

Thirlby Standard Work Document- Transition of Care

Thirlby Standard Work TOC 2

Bayside TOC Process

Microalbumin A1C Process

4/25/19 Meeting  4-25-19 Highlights

Lori Boctor presentation

PDCM Medicare Advantage Billing Guidelines FINAL 2019

Groups Not Participating in PDCM 2019-1

PDCM Commercial Billing Guidelines FINAL 2019

1/22/19 Meeting 1-22-19 Highlights

NPO PCMH Updates 2019






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